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How to Stage Your Backyard for a Great Sell


Although it is often the interior of your home that steals the spotlight when it comes to staging your home to sell, the exterior of your home also makes a lasting first impression on potential buyers. A well-organized and beautiful backyard may help seal the deal. These simple staging techniques will help you showcase your backyard and emphasize its features: 


1. Put away the clutter

Anything that does not usually belong naturally to your backyard should be stored away. Items such as children’s toys, garden tools, large furniture and lawnmowers tend to detract from its overall appearance and should be removed. If you have decorations that have long been worn out, consider replacing them or removing them altogether.


2. Spruce up the landscaping

If you have overgrown bushes and tree branches in your yard, make sure to trim them. Weeds and grass should be checked regularly to make sure they are healthy and not overgrown. Keep an eye out for details and make sure to check around patios and fences to see if they could use a quick fix-up as well.


3. Update the structures and foundation

There are many structures in your backyard, such as the fences, patios, furniture and planting beds. Make sure to clean and repair them if necessary. To wash away the years of grime and dirt, you may wish to consider purchasing or renting a power washer.


4.  Create functional areas

Arrange your yard  to create different areas for different purposes. For example, divide your backyard into sections for  "dining", “quiet seating/relaxing”, “playing” and “planting”. A good quality outdoor table and chairs helps buyers imagine family dinners al fresco. For the quiet seating/relaxing area, you may wish to install a bench, refecting pond and/or chaise lounges under a tree to help buyers imagine how they could enjoy the area. 


5. Leave room to breathe

Remember to  exercise restraint. You may not have room to do everything, so focus on one or two elements and work with a few key pieces of patio furniture. Create ample walking space around the areas. Plant colorful flowers nearby and use decorative items to highlight different sections. This will help to make your backyard inviting and attractive to potential buyers.


Finally, remember to appeal to the widest range of buyers by keeping your background elements as neutral as possible. We hope you will find these tips helpful in staging your lovely home for sale. If you are listing your home or looking to purchase real-estate sale in Red Deer, give us a call and put our expertise to work for you.  

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