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Is it time to put your Red Deer real estate on the market? You are probably experiencing a bit of seller’s anxiety in anticipation of placing your home. Naturally, you want your home to show well and bring in great offers. There are several steps that you can take to propel your home to its top potential, such as upgrades, repairs and interior staging, but simple mistakes can take those actions and your home into an undesirable piece of property. 

After an extended period on the market, many homeowners become frustrated, unaware that they are making common selling mistakes that are turning potential buyers away from their otherwise great home. Before you place your property on the market, learn these mistakes and try not to make them yourself. 


Bad Pricing

One of the quickest ways to turn away a home buyer is to place your property on the market for a bad price. What constitutes as “bad” could be in either direction, low or high. Too low and the buyer might question your intentions and the quality of the home. Too high and potential buyers might not waste their time seeing your home at all. Do your research before putting the house up for sale and make sure that you are pricing competitively. View other local listings and homes in your neighborhood and see what they are selling at, then place your home at a comparable number that also reflects its true value. 


Poor Showing

A home showing can make or break a home sale, even if the house is well-staged. Be professional when selling your home. Remove any pets and try to only schedule showings when the children will be away from the house. Have everything put away, clutter removed and be sure to clean all rooms before inviting potential buyers in to see the home. 


Inadequate Advertisement

To sell your home quickly, it is necessary to get the word out and advertise your home. There are an abundance of free methods, such as internet marketing sites, that are great for drawing in potential buyers. One of the best ways to advertise your home is to go through a real estate agency. These professionals can help you every step of the way and bring clients to your home, maximizing your tours and grabbing the best offers. 

In the internet age, it is vital to keep ads short, sweet and appealing. Provide ample photos, and consider giving a short video tour of the home. Ads with videos tend to get more attention than any others. Just make sure it is no longer than 3 to 5 minutes, or you may lose the viewer’s attention.

For more information on selling your Red Deer real estate this season, contact a professional at Benedict Devlin Real Estate Services. Selling your home is simple when you have a great team of professionals to give you the support that you need to get the job done. 

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There may be no better time to enjoy the stunning city of Red Deer than in the late summer months. The heat has subsided, which makes for cooler temperatures, so it’s the perfect time to get out and experience the city and its various events and festivals. One visit to Red Deer will leave you wanting more and may even be enticing enough for you to find your dream home. Here is a quick look at some of the highlights that will be going on in and around the city in late summer.


Red Deer Cruise Night

The downtown business association of Red Deer has worked very hard to bring various events to the city for all ages. One of the most popular events is the Red Deer Cruise Night happening on August 27 from 6 to 9 p.m. This is a family event so everyone is welcome. The Cruise Night features lots of old cars, some of Red Deer’s finest food vendors and live music. Come out and enjoy an evening of vintage cars and good old family fun. 


The Market

The Market is a Red Deer fixture and runs every Saturday morning from the May long weekend until the Thanksgiving long weekend. It operates from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and is located just south of the Red Deer recreational centre. With over 300 vendors, there is something for everyone. Late summer is an ideal time to come and enjoy all of the fresh local produce that is offered in the Market. Besides produce, the Market boasts artisan foods, crafts, jewellery and other knick-knacks. Everyone is welcome; however, the Market is a pet free event. 


Eagle Mountain Ridge

Late summer is also a great time to get outside and enjoy some cooler temperatures and great local scenery. A hike along Eagle Mountain Ridge offers stunning views of the Alberta flatlands and the majestic Rocky Mountains. The hike is 15 km round trip on a well-established trail and is of moderate difficulty. Pack a lunch and enjoy some great Red Deer scenery.

There is so much to see and do in late summer in Red Deer. Take some time to immerse yourself in the bustling Market of the city and get to know some of the local artisans. Come see what all of the fuss is about surrounding the Red Deer Cruise night and don’t forget to take in all of the sights that surround Red Deer with a hike up Eagle Mountain Ridge! 

Red Deer is not only a great late summer tourist destination, it is also a great city to call home. Red Deer has great city infrastructure combined with a friendly small town feel. As one of the premier Red Deer real estate agents, we would love to show you what is available in this beautiful city. While you are visiting, take some time to see some of the friendly neighbourhoods and see why so many people are happy to call Red Deer home. 

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Along with the heat and longer days of summer come unwanted visitors in your home: All types of bugs also love the warm weather and the open windows and doors that come with the summer season. Keeping your home bug free can be a real challenge during the summer, and once these unwelcome guests have found a new home, they can be very difficult to remove. As Red Deer’s premier real estate agency, we would like to offer the following tips and advice to keep the bugs out of your beloved home.


The Pantry

The most important room to keep clean and orderly is your kitchen. The last thing you want is to open up your pantry cupboards and find bugs in your flour, pasta or pet food. There are many different types of pantry bugs that can infest any dry goods you store in your pantry. It is highly recommended that you store all dry goods such as pasta, flour, rice etc. in sealable containers, as some bugs can and will eat right through the packaging your food comes in.

It is also recommended that you freeze all flour and cereals for a minimum of 3 days before storing it in a sealable container. This is to ensure that any bugs that may come in the flour or cereal are dead. Keep all pantry shelves clear of any crumbs or food debris and wipe down all shelves and vacuum shelves monthly. Finally, frequently inspect all dry goods in your pantry for bugs and remove any infested food immediately to prevent any bugs from spreading to other dry goods. If the problem persists, contact an exterminator for assistance.


Clean Up

It is a good habit to ensure that your kitchen is cleaned daily to keep bugs out. Make sure that the garbage is changed frequently, remove all food scraps daily and do not leave dirty dishes lying around; either wash them or load them in a dishwasher. Also, do not leave your dishes filled with water soaking in the sink for long periods, as all bugs need water to survive and this water will attract unwanted visitors. Remember to keep your floors clear of any food scraps or debris by frequently sweeping and mopping. Do not leave uncovered food out for any extended period of time, as this may also attract bugs. Finally, wash and store all fruit in the fridge to prevent fruit flies from breeding and invading your kitchen.

No one wants to have a kitchen full of bugs. By following these tips and advice, you should be able to keep your kitchen and pantry free of all bugs and other unwanted pests. Remember to store all dry goods in sealable containers and to frequently clean your kitchen to prevent bugs from setting up home in your kitchen. If you are looking for your new dream home that has a modern kitchen for all your cooking needs, take a look through our listings and give us a call today!

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You have viewed 15 properties on your seemingly endless search for the perfect house. None have met your high expectations, and you simply do not see yourself living inside those terribly painted walls. Is it time to throw in the towel and consider other options? Many buyers are turned away from potentially great Red Deer real estate simply because they have been poorly staged or inadequately maintained.


The structure is there, every want and need has been met, but an obnoxious color palette or toddler art pieces on the walls is enough to send you out the door. What shoppers do not realize is that they can use these pitfalls to their advantage when the time comes for negotiations. You may end up getting your dream house, a diamond in the rough, for a great price. Here are the reasons why you should buy the poorly staged home.   


1. You Can Always Paint

Painting is one of the easier ways to turn an ugly house into a magazine-worthy home. If you walk into the front door at your next property tour and are met with bright pink walls, do not tuck tail and head for the hills. The color of the walls can always be changed. Consider the space and your own unique style preferences; are they compatible in this house? Ignore the existing wall color and imagine the space after you have totally repainted.


2. You are Not Buying Their Furniture

Poorly arranged furniture and home decor can make the rooms in a house seem way too small or large, turning away buyers. The reality is that any space is workable — if you know how to properly design an interior. If you are not planning to buy new furnishings, imagine your furniture in the home and ignore that of the current home owner. If you can see your furnishings fitting well in the space, you might have found the perfect property.


3. The Yard can be Fixed

Yes, it will take a lot of work to mow the grass, plant a garden, create a patio and perfect your barbeque area but, for the price at which you are getting this perfect home, it is worth it. If you are concerned with the landscaping, consider asking for the property to receive professional maintenance at the negotiation table. Keep in mind that you can always add additions to your outdoor spaces so that they better suit your wants and needs. Rather than solely seeing the current desperate state of the yard, imagine the space at its very best.


4. Blemishes are Your Advantages

If a house is poorly staged, chances are that most potential buyers are walking away. This gives you an opportunity to offer a lower number with an increased potential that it might actually be accepted. If there is any damage to be fixed or things inside and outside the home that need to be changed, consider bringing up these points while deciding on the terms of purchasing the property.


For more information, visit our buying page or contact a Red Deer Real Estate representative today.  

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We all make mental to-dos that can fall by the wayside. Getting your house clean is one of the easiest to forget. Prior to a showing, you may end up scrambling around taking care of missed tasks before a potential home buyer shows up. A moment of panic can set in if you suddenly realize you're out of a cleaning chemical.

Luckily, there are many cleaning tasks that can be taken care of with common household items. Here are some of the easiest ways to make good use of items you find around the house in order to get it spic-and-span before a showing:


Floor Cleaner

Floor cleaner can be made out of almost anything. The best recipes use:     

  • 3 cups vinegar
  • A couple drops of dish soap
  • 2 gallons of water

You can add some fresh lemon to improve the scent, or any number of essential oils.


Stained Metal

Hard water stains in the bathtub or kitchen sink can be tough to scrub out. If you have a delicate metal finish, hard scrubbers or steel wool are out of the question.

Lemon is a natural solution to get rid of these stains. The acid will eat through the chalky built up calcium carbonate without damaging the finish. You can wipe off the dissolved stains with a soft sponge or rag.

A great way to get all your metal appliances shiny once they are stain-free is to use baby oil as a polishing agent. Apply a couple of drops to a soft dish towel and wipe in broad circular motions until the oil is evenly distributed.


Dirty Dishwasher

You may be surprised to find out just how dirty the machine that is supposed to clean your dishes could be. A home buyer will want to check out all the appliances that will come with the house. If your dishwasher has stains or a funky smell, it can turn them off to a sale.

Cleaning the dishwasher properly involves two main objectives. First, you have to assess whether the equipment is functioning properly.

Remove the bottom rack and look for standing water or stains. Dishwashers can have solid materials like chips of glass, bones, crab shells or even fallen dishes. Take these out and let any water drain.

Once your dishwasher is back in ship shape, use the following steps:

  • Fill a dishwasher-safe dish or cup with white vinegar
  • Place the container right side up in the otherwise empty dishwasher
  • Run the dishwasher on its longest, hottest setting with a steam dry
  • After the cycle, pull out the bottom dish rack again and sprinkle the entire area with baking soda             
  • Run the dishwasher again on a shorter setting, but one that is still hot

Your dishwasher should be looking and smelling like new after this treatment.


There are many other ways to spruce up your Red Deer real estate property before a crucial showing in ways that increase value and appeal. For more advice on how to put your best foot forward before a sale, check out our selling page.


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With summer in full swing, there is no better time to move the cooking outdoors. If you are finding the kitchen too hot to handle, take the dinner party outside and enjoy a meal on your deck or patio. There may be nothing more alluring than the smell of food cooking on the barbecue. Here are some outdoor cooking tips from your premier Red Deer real estate firm to get you grilling.



Before you grill those steaks to a perfect medium rare, you need to make sure your barbecue is up to the task. Make sure to clean the grill with a wire brush before you start cooking. You do not want last week’s flavours on tonight’s dinner. Once your grill has been thoroughly cleaned, it is recommended that you grease or oil the grill to prevent any food from sticking to the grill. Keep all foods separate and use separate plates, utensils cutting boards before cooking to ensure any raw meats from contaminating any cooked food.



For whatever reason, almost all food seems to taste better when cooked on a grill. You can add extra flavour to your favourite dishes by marinating your food or choosing one of the many glazes that are available today. If you are choosing to use a glaze, use it during the last few minutes of cooking so it does not burn.

Another popular way to get more flavour from your food is to use rubs. These rubs can help marinate your meat and can infuse flavour deep into whatever you are cooking. Regardless of which cooking method you are using for your barbecue (charcoal or gas), adding smoke means adding flavour. Try using different types of chips or briquettes such as hickory or alder wood to your barbecue to bring out different flavours in your food.



When it is finally time to begin the cooking process, allow ample time for the barbecue to properly heat up to the desired cooking temperatures. Once you have a pre-heated barbecue, put your food on and close down the lid to prevent any smoke and heat from escaping, as this is what will flavour and cook your food. Do not stab or poke your food, and allow ample time for your food to cook before flipping it. This will allow the food to sear and lock in the flavours and keep it from drying out. Once you have cooked your food to your liking, take it off the grill and allow it to rest for a few minutes as the cooking process continues after your food has been removed from the grill.

Proper preparation, flavouring and cooking will ensure that your next barbecue meal is better than good. So get outside while the weather is warm and get creative on the barbecue. If you are in the market for a home with a gorgeous patio to do all your grilling, we be sure to take a look at our local listings!

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Red Deer offers a unique and vibrant culture that encourages community members to explore their creativity. The arts are a very important part of society, which is one reason why Red Deer has seen a growth in real estate activity. People are excited to move into the area and experience all that it has to offer. This is a place to flourish and grow, for both families as well as individuals.

The culture of Red Deer is often a selling point for homes, as most people prefer to live in a vibrant community. If you are looking to purchase a home in the area, or even if you have lived in the community for many years, we encourage you to explore the arts and culture of Red Deer.



Programs for community members of all ages are available through Culture Services. These programs promote education and spark interest in arts and culture among participants. Visual and performing arts programs are very popular. Unique studios and art galleries offer visual arts programs for all ages young and old. Dance, music and drama classes are a great way to get involved in the exciting world of performing arts. There are also a variety of summer camps throughout the months of July and August.


Art Galleries

Red Deer boasts two great art galleries, the Corridor Community Gallery and the Viewpoint Gallery. Regular exhibits are showcased throughout the year, providing the opportunity for local artists to show off their talents and creations. The art galleries are a great way for members of the community to show their pride in the culture that comes forth from the area. Locals are encouraged to tap into their creative minds and add their own displays to the unique showings displayed at the Red Deer art galleries.    



Many community based arts groups call Red Deer home. These groups give the area its flavor and make it a desirable place to live. Theatre, dance, visual and literary arts enthusiasts come together in a multitude of organizations that are committed to seeing their passion thrive in the city of Red Deer. They offer funding for facilities and community development while also building a camaraderie among locals.


Volunteer Opportunities

The community of Red Deer has many volunteer opportunities, available through Culture Services. Volunteers are the backbone of art and drama camps that are held for the youth in the community during the summer. Volunteering is a great way to get active in the continued development of the community and learn more about the culture in Red Deer.


The arts and culture of the Red Deer community continuously draw new families into the community. The vibrancy of the area is fueled by those who are passionate about creative endeavours. For this reason, the real estate market flourishes and Red Deer continues to see positive growth. If you are interested in buying or selling a piece of Red Deer real estate, review the latest market report and contact a Benedict Devlin representative today.   

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Summer is a great time to sell your Red Deer real estate. Motivated buyers are out in full force, looking for the perfect property that draws their attention with great curb appeal. Boosting the curb appeal of your property can make a huge difference in how quickly you are able to sell and the amounts offered by potential buyers. Summer is the perfect time to show off the outside of your home; use this to your full advantage. Here are a few tips that will help you to have great summer curb appeal this summer.


Give the Yard a Trim

Buyers find a nice, neat yard very welcoming. When the grass and shrubbery is trimmed in a uniform and tidy manner, it is much easier for potential buyers to picture themselves enjoying the outdoor spaces of the property. Having a neatly trimmed yard will let the Red Deer real estate shoppers know that you cared to properly maintain the home, providing them with a sense of reassurance. Be sure to mow your grass, pull the weeds and trim the hedges regularly while your house is on the market.


Show Off Green Grass

Having a luscious lawn will help make you a top contender on the summer real estate market in Red Deer. If you notice that your yard has bare or brown spots, invest in grass seed and touch up the dead areas. This simple quick fix can help boost your curb appeal to the next level.


Deep Clean the Exterior

Outdoor market preparations may be time consuming, but the work you put into making your home look its very best on the outside will draw more buyers. Take the time to really clean the exterior and make your home shine. Sweep the porch, patio or balcony areas and be sure to remove any cobwebs or dirt build up. If you are able, pressure wash the siding and leisure spaces of the exterior of your home. Additional touches that make a big difference in curb appeal include painting the doors, shutters and frames.


Stage with Patio Furniture

Staging is not limited to the interior of your home. Staging your outdoor areas can help to attract potential buyers. Investing in patio furniture or giving new life to existing pieces is a great way to boost curb appeal. Have a barbeque area set up to help buyers picture themselves enjoying favorite summer pastimes in your yard, and arrange furniture in a relaxing way that looks perfect and inviting on cool summer nights.


Get Fresh Flowers

Nothing says “summer” like vibrant, fresh flowers. Pick up some of your favorite potted plants to use as decoration around your outdoor spaces. Flowers are so welcoming and really help to put the final touches on a beautiful home.

Many homeowners spend too much of their time focusing on the interior of the home, forgetting that curb appeal is extremely important. By using these simple tips, you can give your home great curb appeal. For more information on placing your property on the market this summer, view our Selling Your Red Deer Real Estate page and contact a Benedict Devlin representative today.  



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Kids’ bedrooms can be the most fun and imaginative room in the house when it comes to decorating.  It is the one room that can go against the overall colour scheme of the entire home.  This is an opportunity to embrace your inner child and let your imagination run free.  You may be surprised with what you come up with.  Here are some tips and suggestions from Red Deer’s most experienced real estate firm to help get your creative side revved up and allow your kids to live in their dream home.


A Coat of Paint

A coat of paint can be the quickest way to change the overall appearance of your child’s bedroom.  Depending on whether it is a room for a girl or a boy will greatly determine the colour scheme you decide upon.  Softer tones such as a pastel lavender will give the appearance of a room with a slip into sleep sense and a very soft feel, perfect for a little girl perhaps. 

Another idea that is very unique is painting one of the walls in the bedroom with chalkboard paint.  This will allow your child to embrace their artistic side without getting mad when they are drawing on the wall.  Paint does not need to just be reserved for walls, either.  Bring your colour scheme to the furniture and give that dresser a coat of paint to match the wall or the bedframe or night stand.  Just with using paint, you can create quite a unique environment for your child.


Lots of Art

There are several interesting art choices to help give more of a personal feel to your child’s room.  Try taking a favourite photo, enlarging it, separating it into sections and then framing it.  Another option is to tie string or ribbon wall to wall to display some of your child’s masterpieces.  This will allow your child to showcase their art and have a meaningful display to help brighten their room.  One final idea is to frame some of your child’s art.  This will allow a constant rotation of their art to be proudly displayed in your home. 


Install Shelves

Shelves can proudly display any type of hobby or activity your child is engaged in.  The beauty of shelves is you can change up the theme on any shelf to match your child’s interests.  Shelves can proudly display that collection of stuffed animals when your child is young and can also hold their dinosaur collection a few years later. 

A child’s room is a place where imagination should be the theme.  Try to get out of the normal and into a child’s mind, or better yet, let your child be a part of decorating their room.  These are just a few suggestions that should help get you started when you begin to decorate your child’s room.  Enjoy the process and remember that the end goal is to have fun.  If you are in the market for a house that has the perfect room for your child, be sure to 

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How often have you wished for more space in your child’s room? How often have you asked your child to clean up their room or to at least to tidy it? Probably more times than you care to remember.

A child’s room seems to always be cluttered with toys, clothes or just stuff. It seems like it is just par for the course that your child’s room will be one of the most cluttered rooms in your house. But it doesn’t have to be. Use the following tips to help you better organize your child’s room.


Embrace Your Inner Child

Before going into your child’s room with a garbage bag and loading everything up for a trip to the dump, try looking at things through their eyes. Get down to the level of your child and see what they see. The answer may be as simple as bringing in storage bins that are within your child’s reach. Perhaps the bottom dresser drawer is difficult to open or they cannot reach the knob on the closet door.

An even better option is to involve your child in the organizational process. Ask them where they want to store their toys, their clothes, etc. By allowing them to be part of the process, you will help them better understand the organizational process and why it is important.


Label Everything

Labelling all bins, drawers, bookshelves and closet space can be a great way to help your child build better organizational skills. By labelling, you will give everything a place, and all they need to do is to match the item with its name.

Do not be afraid to use pictures as well. A picture of a sock shows them where their socks go. Not only is labelling a great organizational tool, it can also be a great game as well and encourage and develop reading skills.


Build or Install Shelves

By adding shelves, you can create space where there was none before. A shelf can hold everything you need, and shelving will give you a space to move some of the floor clutter. Shelves can also work in the closet and can quickly become makeshift places to hang extra clothes by adding a few hangers. Remember, the items that go on the shelves should be rarely used items, as your child will not have easy access to them. Thus shelves are more for display than for everyday use by your child.

An organized room will not only bring a sense of order into your home, but is will also give your child more space to play. An organized room will allow easier access to toys and clothes and less chaos when it comes to finding things in the room. If your family is expanding and you need a bigger house, be sure to contact the realtors at Benedict Devlin today!


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Spring is an excellent time to put your Red Deer home on the real estate market. Buyers are shaking off the winter blues and eagerly waiting to view properties. Home owners find that selling their real estate during spring is much easier than other times throughout the year, especially if it is staged well.

There are certain touches that shoppers love to see during the season that can help you sell your home faster and also catch higher offers. These tips for staging your Red Deer home for the spring market will help you have a great selling experience.


1. Spring Cleaning

Fresh, new and clean; these are all words associated with the season of spring. They are also senses that should be installed in your home for success on the season’s real estate market. Buyers love to show up to an open house and walk into a clean space that is filled with the aroma of fresh and new.

Take the time during staging to deep clean. Be sure to pull out appliances and furniture, cleaning hard to reach areas that are often shorted on the tender love and care. Dust all surfaces, including fans, window sills and baseboards. Pack away all of your personal belongings. 

This is a great time to complete the task of decluttering your home. Toss or donate any items that you no longer need or use. Remove all excess furniture, clothing, toys and pet supplies. Buyers are drawn to open spaces — especially during spring.


2. Light and Bright

Spring brings the renewal of the earth with the thawing rays of the warm sun. Showcase that process by brightening up your rooms and letting in the sunshine. Use sheer fabric for curtain shades and open your blinds, bringing in the natural light. Use extra lights, such as lamps, to bring a warm glow to otherwise dark rooms.

Everyone appreciates the bright, cheerful light brought by spring after a cold, dark winter. Your potential buyers will be drawn to the welcoming atmosphere this creates in your home.


3. Color

The season of Spring is a great time to stage your home with a splash of color. Do not be too bold in your selections, and stick to neutrals when in doubt. But adding a hint of pastel spring colors to your decor will be a touch that shoppers appreciate.

Invest in couch pillows that are light shades of yellow, blue, purple, pink or green, like freshly bloomed flowers. Avoid dark shades or overwhelming colors. Keep your walls an appealing neutral tone that draws all potential buyers.


4. Small Touches

Putting a few potted plants on your porch, planting a fresh garden and setting a bouquet on the dining table are all great staging ideas that enhance the season of spring within your home. Many real estate agents also suggest baking your potential buyers a batch of cookies before their tour. Your home will be filled with the sweet, irresistible smell, and your buyers will appreciate the treat.

Having a professional agent to assist you with selling your Red Deer real estate this spring will be very beneficial. For more information, visit our sellers page and contact Benedict Devlin Real Estate Services today.        

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 Many home buyers hesitate after deciding on a home because they worry about jumping into the decision, even though all signs point to “yes.” Buyers need have no fear as long as the offer has what are called “contingencies” attached. Contingencies give buyers an opportunity to back out of the deal or negotiate further if certain conditions are not met.


Here are some of the most common contingencies people use when making an offer on Red Deer real estate:

Home Inspection

Possibly the number one contingency people place on home offers hinges on the outcome of a home inspection. The seller of the home must agree to let the buyer hire a professional building inspector to come in and assess the home’s condition. Home inspectors look out for small problems like a wobbly railing, but their main concerns lie in finding major problems like mold, termites or foundational issues.


Anything the inspector discovers must be addressed by the homeowner or compensated for in the form of a reduced closing price. If the buyer sees enough problems, they can also simply walk away from the transaction altogether.


Another important evaluation of the home comes in the form of an appraisal. When a buyer needs to pay for the home with a mortgage, the mortgage lender will send out an appraiser to make sure the home is worth close to the stated closing price.


On some occasions, the appraiser will reveal that the home is worth less than the closing price. Since the lender will only provide enough of a loan to cover the actual value of the house, a low appraisal can force buyers to pay out of pocket or renegotiate the closing price.

Mortgage or Insurance Availability

Buyers may place a contingency on their offer that lets them back out if they cannot find a mortgage lender or an insurance carrier for the property in question. Most buyers will not need to place these contingencies since they will be pre-approved or have had the home inspected to ensure that the homeowners insurance provider will not balk at covering the home. However, home sellers may see these contingencies from time to time.


Sale of the Old Home 

Home buyers who are transitioning from one home to another may be trying to juggle being a buyer and a seller at the same time. To help them get their finances in order, they may request a time allowance for their own home to sell before they provide a down payment and a mortgage to cover their new home purchase. In a competitive market, homeowners may overlook these types of contingency offers in favor of more flexible buyers.


These are just some of the methods home buyers use to make offers that will not come back to haunt them later. For more help on navigating the home buying process, you can visit our buying page.

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There is just something about that fresh asphalt look. That’s the look that says, “My driveway is brand new,” even if it’s been there for years. However, over time, that look slowly begins to fade. Without proper care, that smooth blacktop driveway can wear, crack and even begin to break away, eventually resulting in an expensive resurfacing job.

This does not need to be the fate of your driveway. Rather, with a little upkeep and timely maintenance, you should be able to enjoy a smooth new looking driveway for many years.


Prep Work for Resealing

To keep your driveway looking like new, it needs to be resealed. The amount of traffic and age of your driveway will greatly determine how often and how much sealant you need to apply. You should double-check the forecast and make sure no rain predicted. Sealant needs at least two days to completely dry.

 Before applying any sealant, it is important to properly clean your driveway. This can be done with a power washer or just a hose. This will help get any grit and other unwanted debris off the driveway. The next step is to repair any cracks, dips or holes. These cracks and holes can allow water to seep into your driveway, speeding up the deterioration process. There are products available at your local hardware store to help fill these cracks and holes.


Sealing Your Driveway

Once all of the prep work has been completed, you are now ready to seal your driveway. Before getting started, understand that blacktop sealant is messy. You should wear clothes you wouldn’t mind throwing away afterwards. You will need a squeegee or a long handled roller to properly apply the sealant. Applying sealant is a similar process of painting. However, with many different sealants available on the market today, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the product. Make sure to apply the sealant in an even and consistent manner.

Once you have applied the sealant, allow time for it to properly dry. Once the sealant is dry, your driveway will have that shiny new black look. In addition to this new look, your driveway is once again protected from any cracks that may let water penetrate and is also protected from any oil spills. 

Everyone wants to realize the full value of their home. A broken down driveway should not be a reason why your home is not in tip top shape. These few tips can quickly move your home up the sellable scale in the Red Deer real estate market. Remember, a little bit of upkeep can go a long way.

If you are looking for more tips to prepare your home for sale, be sure to visit our sellers page.

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If you are putting your home on the market soon but need to renovate your roof first, consider going with metal roofing materials. Metal roofs have a unique beauty that sets homes apart on property listings. A metal roof also has several huge advantages over asphalt shingles and other common roofing materials.



Durable and Long Lasting

One of the absolute best features of metal roofing materials is that they are built to last. Asphalt shingles tend to lose their granules over time, exposing the felt paper underneath to the elements. As soon as some shingles start crumbling, the rest of the roof soon follows.


An asphalt shingle roof will typically last 12 to 20 years, often less in snowy conditions because of high strain from melt/thaw cycles. A metal roof can easily last 30 to 70 years or longer. When diligently maintained and restored, certain roofing materials have been able to last over a century.


This longevity spells a great investment for home buyers, who will often pay more for a home with a lower maintenance roofing material. Remodeling Magazine even asserts that installing a metal roof can offer an average of 86.7 percent return on investment for home sellers.


Snow No More

Typical roofs have a lot of texture, giving snow and ice ample places to settle and build up. These standing piles of snow often create bigger problems, such as ice dams and gradual roof leaks.


Metal roofing sheds snow lightning fast. As soon as the sun comes out, the snow begins thawing and dropping off without hesitation. Standing seam metal roofs in particular offer a continuous surface without the chance for water intrusion. The clean, parallel lines create the perfect conditions for the snow to slide right off, meaning the possibility of ice dams forming is almost impossible.


 Uniquely Stunning Beauty


Home buyers have become so accustomed to seeing shingle roofs that a metal panel one will make a Red Deer real estate property stand out above the competition. Metal roof panels can be finished in any color to create beautiful look that matches your home’s color scheme or the tranquil hues of surrounding nature.


 Considerations When Installing


When installing metal roofing in cold weather, you will want to take special considerations:


  • Attics should be well-insulated to prevent warm spots that contribute to uneven thawing
  • While ice dams are not a problem, sliding sheets of snow may be. Roof rails and other products can break up the snow so that it does not slide off in an “avalanche.”


Any knowledgeable roofing contractor will be able to provide you with a quality installation that avoids all of these common problems. The result is a gorgeous, practically maintenance-free roof that could contribute to more buyer interest and a higher closing price. For more advice on ways to add unique value and beauty to your home, take a look at our selling page

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Remodeling is a great way to add sales appeal and overall value to your home. However, many home owners neglect the bare essentials in favor of flashier upgrades like stone tile. These types of improvements can certainly help, but buyers will not be impressed with blue stone in your kitchen if your roof leaks.


Our last post gave tips for several renovations that enhance the general usability of your home. Here are even more:


Heating/Air and Ducting

Have a technician come to your house and evaluate the status of your furnace, air conditioner and the ducts they are connected to. They can suggest things like blowing out the dust from your ducts or any number of other services to improve air quality.


You may even need to replace your furnace if the system is aging. A new furnace can help the overall feel of a home, especially if you are trying to sell it in winter.


Speaking of keeping out the cold, make sure your home is not skimping on insulation. Fiberglass, cellulose and other types of insulation tend to lose their effectiveness over time.


You should be particularly concerned about the attic. Sparse insulation up top hinders a home’s ability to retain heat. Opt for blown-in insulation if you need a replacement. This product fills in every single crack and crevice seamlessly, saving your buyer money on heating and air costs.


A New Thermostat

A buyer might think you are downright silly if you spend lots of money on upgrades but neglect to buy a new $30-$50 thermostat. One simple purchase can improve the comfort of your home tremendously. Find a newer programmable model to get the best energy efficiency possible.


Patch and Repaint 

Getting your walls to look clean is sometimes tough. To get everything looking great in one go, simply repaint all of the walls in your home.


Use soft, neutral colors with the barest hint of tinting. These shades are proven to make your home look bigger and to appeal to a more diverse range of buyers.


Make sure you patch up any holes first and put down a healthy coat of primer to have your walls looking as pristine as possible.


Wood Floor Refinish 

Similar to having your walls looking fresh, gettin your wood floors spotlessly clean can be difficult if they are showing their age. You can fix worn spots or divots by having your floor sanded down and refinished. Consider using an attractive floor stain if you feel it will compliment your home’s color scheme.


Upgrades such as these may not be jaw-droppingly flashy, but they will help your home look and feel better than it ever has before. For more advice on getting the best price for your Red Deer real estate, take a look at our selling page.

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Many home sellers dream of revamping their kitchens and bathrooms into all-granite paradises. They assume this strategy will fetch them tens of thousands worth of extra dollars on their home’s closing price.


While modest upgrades to bathrooms and kitchens are proven to offer a handy return on investment, you should always focus on the basics first. Home buyers want to know that your home will have all of the amenities that people tend to take for granted, such as a solid roof and heat.


Here are some upgrades that you should emphasize before adding something extravagant like a jacuzzi tub to the back porch:


Roof Repair 

An entire roof re-shingling costs less than you think, and it makes your entire home look better. What is more, you can demonstrate to buyers the reliability of an investment, especially if the work has a warranty of a year or two left on it.


Inspect your roof for any signs of busted shingles or general wear. If you notice spots that are particularly worn or shabby, then a new roof just may be in order.


New Gutters

Gutters do not cost much to install and they serve an important purpose. Gutter systems direct water away from the home’s foundation, prolonging its overall condition and stability. A series of new gutters also can serve as a handsome border for your roof.


If your gutters are still relatively new, you can have them patched up and repainted to achieve roughly the same effect.



Added Drainage

Proper drainage is extremely important, especially if you have basement rooms or rooms below grade in general. A french drain system around your foundation can help prevent nasty occurrences like leaks and mold growth.


Drainage can also improve the look of your yard by irrigating water to where it is needed for plants instead of muddy pools around your Red Deer real estate property.



Fixed Seals and Grouts 

Unless you plan on completely redoing your kitchen or bathroom, you may forget to fix one of the cheapest but most important home components. Grout and caulk prevent moisture from infiltrating your home and prolong the life of fixtures like sinks, counters and showers.


Peel off all discolored or mildewy caulk and lay a fresh bead down. Make sure that the caulk you use it rated for the room you are using it in.


Similarly, you should either vigorously clean your grout with a strong solution or scrape it up and replace it entirely. You can also seal the new grout with waterproofing measures to make it last even longer.


Part II of this post will detail even more areas that often fall by the wayside when home owners are considering improvements. For more general advice to help your home sell, take a look at our selling page.

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Setting a fair price for your home is one of the most important steps for getting it sold without any unexpected setbacks. People who price their home too high usually encounter several problems. The entire sales process gets bogged down and you may end up contenting with a competitive home market or a picky buyer


Take Emotion Out of the Equation


Since you have likely lived in your home for many years, you have developed a unique appreciation for the property. To you, the home could be veritably priceless.


However, when entering the real estate market you should ignore any “intangible” qualities when setting your home’s price. These aspects will not be understood by the buyer. They may think that you are inflating the price purposefully to gouge them.


To avoid this suspicion, always find a reliable agent with knowledge of the current market to help you set your price.


Lingering on the Market


The biggest problem with pricing your home high is that it will get less inquiries and bids. Home buyers have become accustomed to skimming through online listings with price filters. If your home price falls above their search parameters, then you will likely miss out on countless opportunities.


Even if you are able to generate interest, a home buyer will judge the home more harshly when viewing because of the premium price. They may be more critical of any flaws they see. They may also simply decide that while they like your home, the price is simply too high to even be bothered.


The result of these reactions is a home that sits on the market for longer. Your listing will be passed over for more affordable or competitively-priced homes that get people’s attention.


Eventually, the market may become wary of your home since it has been listed for so long. Agents and buyers may begin to suspect that there is something wrong with the Red Deer real estate property, rather than a mere lack of motivated buyers.


A Costly Mistake

Another problem that can occur from a high home price is that the house can actually sell for far below market value. A listing that has been prolonged will usually prompt a series of price reductions. Even if this is not your intention, buyers may assume that you will cave and reduce the price because it is a common practice.


You may also incur buyers that are apt to haggle aggressively. These types can see a high price as a challenge, and use it as a leveraging point for all sorts of contingencies like you covering closing costs or performing renovation requests.


As you can plainly see, pricing your home too high could cost you more time and money in the end. To find a qualified agent that can help you price your home in a way that makes the whole process easier, take a look at our buying page.

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The start of the new year usually prompts some aspirations at self improvement, but what about your home? As long as you are going to be rethinking how you treat yourself, you might as well include your home space as part of that process.


Simple tasks and projects can be done that help your home hold value, or that make maintenance easier. Accomplishing these goals can make your home easier to sell, or make a newly purchased home reliably appreciate in quality.


So in the spirit of making a change and building new habits, here are some New Year’s resolutions that will help you be better to the space you live in:


Keep up with Small Maintenance

 Small problems can nag us, but they can just as easily be ignored. However, a tiny issue with a home can balloon into a big one if unchecked over time. Remember to accomplish small tasks throughout the year in order to make maintenance less of a hassle overall.


Consider creating a calendar with common chores to be done and check them off as you go. Some tasks that often fall by the wayside include:


  • Replacing caulk on exteriors, sinks, showers and tubs
  • Cleaning tile grout to prevent mold growth
  • Cleaning out the gutters to prevent water from damaging your foundation
  • Raking leaves and clearing out vegetation to discourage insect infestations
  • Having your HVAC equipment serviced regularly
  • Inspecting your roof and shingles for damage


Go Green

 We can all take steps to make our homes more energy efficient. These measures can help us reduce our energy bills while also lessening our impact on the environment. Additionally, earth friendly homes have become increasingly popular with home buyers, providing your home with a unique selling angle.


Ways to improve energy efficiency include:


  • Installing insulated windows
  • Using appropriate weather stripping on doors and windows
  • Replacing attic insulation with blown-in products
  • Crafting a rain barrel system
  • Purchasing a programmable thermostat


Clean Your Home More Often

 A clean home is a happy home in more ways than one. Not only do clean houses feel bigger, brighter and have better air quality, but they also have less overall maintenance.


Cleaning chores are important for home components like floors, which can retain their finish and durability for longer when regularly mopped. Clean windows similarly let in more light, reducing energy bills in the winter. Make a promise to clean your house yourself or hire help this year. Your family will be happier, and your home will last longer.


These are just some of the ways to keep up with home maintenance during the new year. Doing so will help your Red Deer real estate property be more appealing to buyers in the long run. For more advice on simple habits that add value or appeal to homes, take a look at our selling page.

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To get the most value out of your renovation projects, make sure that they are likely to fulfill buyer needs. Many home remodels can certainly look nice, but are unable to legitimately gain more buyer interest or real value on the selling price.


Avoiding this problem means being prudent. Our last post discussed several projects that are more likely to be worth your time and money. Here are a few more:


“Freshen Up” the Bathroom

Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are a major aspect of a home that can make or break a sale. While gutting the entire bathroom and replacing it with a spa-like retreat would look great, simple maintenance or updates are usually better.


  • Clean or replace all old, dirty tile grout
  • Re-caulk around the bathtub, sink and showers
  • Install a low-flow toilet or use a conversion kit
  • Add hanging shelves to increase storage
  • Replace the faucet or sink
  • Get new handles, faucets or shower heads


Paint the Walls

A couple buckets of paint can go a long way. Plug up or patch any holes before you paint to make your walls look pristine. Get rid of any wallpaper from bygone eras with adhesive remover, then add a healthy coat of primer to keep materials from bleeding through the colors.


Opt for an off-white or neutral color. These can make spaces look bigger and brighter. They also tend to appeal to a broader variety of home buyers.


Add Lights

A home should never be dark. Install fixtures in rooms that rely on floor lamps for light. Pay particular attention to entry ways, kitchens and bathrooms.


Opt for soft, warm lights that can fill spaces. Consider hooking all of them up to a dimmer switch that allows dynamic choices in light tones and mood.


Attic Bedroom

A spare room does not necessarily have to be in the attic, but increasing the use of available space is the key to adding value. Home buyers like the idea of extra rooms for guests. These rooms can also provide more appealing lodging for teens looking to increase their sense of independence.


Make sure that there is plenty of light, as well as access to the central systems of the house. Windows that allow natural light can also make the space feel bigger and more inviting.


Increase Storage

Home buyers will want to know that they can fit all of their belongings in your home and stay organized.


  • Increase closet space where you can.
  • Add built-in shelves in strategic spots, such as in bedrooms, closets or laundry rooms.
  • Bench seats that double as storage bins may impress buyers, especially when used to create a cozy seating area near entrances.


Let these ideas inspire you to bring your Red Deer real estate property’s image and functionality to the next level. To learn more about ways to increase value or appeal, start by looking at our selling page.


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Renovating your home can be a fantastic way to add value and appeal. While home owners generally love their properties just the way they are, nothing rejuvenates a home like a good face lift.


It is important to know that not every project will be worth your while. Studies show that home buyers prefer practical additions or changes that make the house more functional. Here are some of the most popular ones.


Front Door Replacement

Your front door says a lot about your house. While many home owners may stick to a side entrance, prospective buyers will want to gauge the home by its entry way.


Make a good first impression with a brand new door. Steel doors have become favored since they are incredibly durable, secure and they almost never warp. Wood can offer a sort of “old world” charm. Paneled versions are flexible during extreme weather changes. Either choice is great depending on your needs.


If you just replaced your door, give it a fresh coat of paint in an eye-catching color. You can also replace the hardware with something that compliments your siding and porch materials.


Adding a Wood Deck

Decks increase the versatility of back yards in so many ways. They provide a natural setting for your family to relax and enjoy the outdoors. They also let you bring the outdoors in by allowing furniture, grills or even extra storage for lawn tools.


Remember that simple is always better when trying to get the most for your money. Adding an enormous deck with a pricey brick fireplace, for instance, will most likely not benefit you as much as a 300 or 400 sq. ft. deck with benches leading off a back door.


Simple Kitchen Remodel

A simple approach to freshen up a dated kitchen is almost always better than getting carried away.


  • Replace, refinish or repaint cabinet faces.
  • Buy new hardware for handles and pulls.
  • Consider getting a new faucet, or maybe even a new sink.
  • Add a tile backsplash to create an appealing accent.
  • Counters can offer a good payoff, but resist the urge to splurge for materials like granite, unless you have a house or a neighborhood where such amenities are expected.


You can also replace any old appliances with Energy Star versions. Opt for a model or retailer that offers a warranty of 12 months or more, and hold on to the paperwork to show to people viewing your home. You could even go so far as to compare your energy bills before and after the new appliances.


There are many more ideas that are likely to add value in an economical way. We will cover these in part II.


For general ways to increase your Red Deer real estate property’s appeal, you could always consult one of our expert selling agents. Take a look at our selling page to learn more about how we help our clients.


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